The Children's Tree and Art Foundation is a 501-3C Public Charity. 


The Children's Tree and Art Foundation (CTAF) is committed to supporting the arts and environmental awareness for children and young adults in the State of New Jersey. The CTAF places particular emphasis on supporting and funding programs, projects and ideas that will encourage the responsiveness of community participation based on the value of conservation and the respect for the preservation of our environment.

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The Foundation will create, develop and support educational programs in its efforts to advance the education of music and the arts, and environment causes to strengthen community participation and broaden the experiences of our children. These core values are reflected in our deep commitment to support a broad base of childrens programs that promote learning through creative education. By inspiring our children to embrace the richness of their cultural and individual expressions today, we can lay the foundation for tomorrows dreamers, leaders and visionaries. 
Art & Education
- Promote the Foundation and educate students through the collection of artwork as a tool towards understanding the importance of the arts and environmental issues through exhibitions and lectures.

- Work with older students to develop careers involving cultural and fine arts, and/or environmental fields through financial resources and professional contacts through the foundations network. 

Environmental Awareness
- Develop a tree replacement program that is funded by the Foundation.

- Start programs to teach the consequences of environmental destruction, rebuilding the environment and the importance of preservation of the “old vs. the new.”

- Sponsor lectures and special events to promote the importance of how to care and protect our environment starting with schools, local community involvement and expanding onto state and national levels.
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